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Funding can be easily arranged within the typical 28 day auction timescale

Effectively positions client as “cash buyer”. A bridging loan can be agreed and formalised within 24 hours to enable clients to negotiate significant reductions in the purchase price of properties for quick completions.

Refurbishment Facility
Allows client to buy and refurbish property quickly.

A loan to support your purchase of a property and then undertake the refurbishment before it is eventually presented to a mortgage company or bank for long term finance or sale. With a buy to let mortgage in place the client is then able to maximise the amount of the buy to let mortgage due to the fact that it is a simple “refinance” and so the original discounted purchase price is not a factor.

Provides funds to professional clients.

A loan to professionals (doctors, dentists, solicitors, accounts etc) who have experienced a short term cash flow problem. This facility is very quick, easy and cost effective but also discrete and totally confidential (no references will be requested).

A loan to release equity and allow two parties to complete their divorce settlement and all related professional costs and start their new lives immediately. The Broker can then re-mortgage the clients.

Allows you to annul bankruptcy

A loan to pay off creditors and thereby annulling a bankruptcy.

Allows you time to repair credit status

A loan to take your client out of the focused eye of the mortgage market and give them a period of grace so that they can manage their affairs in a proper manner and then relaunch themselves back in the mortgage world when they have their position under control. Can consider heavy adverse.

Avoids need to sell property in a distressed sale at fraction of true value.

A loan which will avoid the need for you to sell their property to a property investor in a distressed manner at a fraction of the true value. This loan will help you consolidate your position and then allows our brokers to structure a longer term finance package or achieve a controlled sale of the property at its true value.

A loan to quickly pay off the mortgagee and avoid your property being repossessed, while at the same time paying off any unsecured credit. The loan then would continue long enough to repair the clients mortgage profile (up to 9 months) enabling our brokers to re-mortgage the client with a traditional mortgage lender.
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Possible reasons to use Bridging Finance:
Bridging loans are no longer viewed as last resort, but a sensible way for clients to finance cases that
fall outside the criteria of mainstream lenders.

Short term bridging loans can be used for a variety of reasons including purchasing property at auction, short term cashflow support and raising finance quickly against existing property to pay unexpected costs.
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Professional Client Bridging - Dentists/Doctors/Solicitors/Accoutants etc
Divorce Settlement
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Credit Repair (Residential & Commercial)
Auction Purchase / Cash Buyer Status
Professional Client Bridging - Dentists/Doctors/Solicitors/Accoutants etc
Divorce Settlement
Bankruptcy Discharge
Credit Repair (Residential & Commercial)
Alternative To Sale & Rent Back
Stop Repossessions
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